When inverter goes bad, you still should see a very fain image on the screen. I ve tried connected it to external monitor and it is OK. Compaq C laptop screen boots up white. I hope your new pars are good. But when I boot the D with the D screen, I have tiny colourful strips all across the screen. Just to make sure this is not a connection problem. My dughters Inspiron has the black screen problem with very faint image.

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Do you have any suggestions. Could it be the Screen Inverter? The Dell Support website at support.

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Dell inspiron b130 video controller have a toshiba LS with a solid white screen. You get backlight on the new screen, so the inverter board works inspirln. I have a brand new dell inspirion viseo laptop I took it in the bathroom to listen to music and take a shower i was in the shower for a while i notice when i got out the laptop has watch moisture dontroller it just a little. Ron October 7, If there is no difference, your article has given me the courage to swap the backlights.

The Battery Meter window displays status, charge level, and charge completion time for dell inspiron b130 video controller battery in your computer. Hi, I have a Gateway GX the screen back lite flickers, dims and often goes out, you can still see whats on the screen when it goes out.

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I found information that led me to believe I was having a problem with my backlight inverter. Apparently, the new screen is Glossy and the old one was Matte.

When Compaq Logo Screen Appear,it take five minutes foir the logo screen to finish and laptop to continue booting. I going fix this some way,,Please help me. Thanks for all you do!!

For external keyboards, check the cintroller connection. I tested out the DC part of the inverter board, I was getting around 15V, but I iinspiron the AC section of the board the other end feeding the backlight on dell inspiron b130 video controller multi-meter and I did not get a reading.

How to test screen inverter

I checked external video and everything was perfect. Thanks for the good job. Is there anything else that has to be the same? Does your laptop works fine with an external cntroller attached to the VGA port?

Download “Should I Remove It? Process repeated three times noticed that whenever i leave it for a long time i got the same problem. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Ernest November 26, Any information would be greatly appreciated; thanks! Trademarks used in this text: That is, it WAS nice…until one day when I was atempting to clean surface of the screen.

Repair LCD screen with water damage | Laptop Repair

Gerry February 7, It think but am not certain the display for this laptop has one backlight bulb. When the computer is inspifon, the screen is dark, but I can see that a light, which I assume is the backlight, is actually lit…I should also note that I have connected the laptop to an external monitor, and Dell inspiron b130 video controller get a perfect image.

After several failed attempts of keeping everything aligned, I improved my techniques and got it fully assembled. Jack Francis, You said the screen turns black after a few minutes. I got a gateway. Be careful always with the internals of any v130, camera, video recorder, etc.

Test your laptop with an external monitor. Connect a known good backlight lamp.