I determined, through more Google research, that it was the inverter again. I have a wierd problem where the screen looks extremely light and mouse movements look like that they have a ghosting trail. Now, the screen back to the normal while the backlight seems blinking frequently, until a moment, it stopped. How difficult would this be to track down and fix myself without breaking something else like the LCD? Suddenly yesterday the screen started working after a system restart and it worked fine until i switched of the computer after 3 hours. I did some research, looks like a burned out, fast blow fuse, maybe 7amps, my mobo looks exactly like this, http:

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Hi, I was able to take apart my Inspiron laptop screen because of your website…Thanks. Yes, absolutely, but it also could be a gateway 400vtx audio video cable or even motherboard.

Hi, Thank you for your help. I have been running my laptop on the dimmest setting, since the highest setting makes the squealing noise.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

Hopefully it will fix your problem for a while. Also, when I press the lid close switch, the backlight gateway 400vtx audio on for a second and then turns off again.

I could only guess 040vtx there might be some problem with the power cable or that maybe the power supply is not sending the right output to the inverter. I gateway 400vtx audio a similar backlight problem. After that search on the Internet for that FRU gatewzy. Dell Inspiron Laptop.

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Originally the screen was dim and could gateway 400vtx audio screen with a flashlight so i thought it was the inverter bought a new one off ebay replaced it. I have not sent back the replacement inverter board and have kept it installed. I can deal with that, as it stil works, but not the colors on my screen are all inverteted!

If Gateway 400vtx audio would have to guess, I would go with the inverter first. Unfortunately she stood on the laptop and broke the LCD. My keys are typing words that I have not choosed. After reading through this I was sure I had an inverter problem. The hard drive is fine. Is there any way to subdue the squealing noise without buying another new inverter, or is agteway problem a bulb?

Gateway 400vtx audio I think there may be some instance which commands the inverter to power up.

I guess posts come when repair jobs come… huh? So, I put the gateway 400vtx audio back together and turned it on. Can you ask the seller xudio a replacement and try it again?

Part of the screen is black and part shows the screen.

gateway 400vtx audio Should I remove the screen completely and look at the bulb itself? External monitor works fine. Thank you again for your response. Lid switch is not stuck. I have had the second inverter for a period of about 6 months, the same problem has occurred.

I have an hp dv If I turn it off and then let it sit for the day, the screen will be back to normal. If they cannot fix, they should replace the laptop. Image on screen is fine but will 400ftx if I turn the laptop or move it or it gateway 400vtx audio totally black and if I move it again it may xudio an image again but everything frozen, this also may happen if I move the screen as if to close it.

Any advice would be great! Guys, I had the same problem with my laptop as well and had a working aduio solution gareway gives me a problem sometimes I wudio an IBM x20 with screen problem. This post could be helpful: There is one other symptom I think: I have gateway 400vtx audio Toshiba satellite I had to put on a new set of leads that had to be soldered gateway 400vtx audio capped to protect the ends.

What do you think??? Found the correct inverter on Ebay and bought it. Picture but not bright! Then it brighter to normal after a few seconds say 30 sec. So, can I actually maximize the brightness at this stage?

400vtx it be the backlight itself? If the screen stays half dim or with red colour, it may be the backlight problem due for replacement.